The Wild Adventure Begins . . . . . .

I am Elder Riley Johnson’s mom.  I am starting this blog to keep Riley’s family and friends updated on his wild adventures as a new missionary serving in the “Micronesia Guam” Mission.  Sorry this has taken so long to get started, but I am learning real quickly that he is serving in one of the most remote parts of the world and I have NO email access to him and have to rely on snail mail which only is arriving about once a month, two letters at a time.  Since he has been in the mission field, I’ve only received 5 letters and 2 emails.  He does get the opportunity to email only if the circumstances align when he boats to the main island of Chuuk on his P-Day and borrows the Senior Couple’s computer (again, that’s only happened twice).  Let me describe where he is serving and his living conditions —  First of all, if any of you have seen the movie “The Other Side of Heaven”, let’s just say Riley could play the starring role!  He has been assigned to serve in the Chuuk Islands where they only speak “Chuukese”.  So he is out in the field learning Chuukese.  The island he lives on is called Ramanom.  It measures 1 mile by 1/2 mile in size.  He only has access to the island by boat and lives on the beach where there is no plumbing or electricity.  Fortunately, a few months ago, the church put in solar panels in his living quarters (one step above a hut) so that they could benefit from a little electricity.  The population of Ramanom is about 600 with no roads, stores or facilities of any kind thus he has to boat to the island of Moen (45 mins. away) for any food or necessities.  He and his companion are the only 2 Elders serving there but there is a small Branch of about 50 people.  He and his companion make up the District of 2.  I was kidding when I asked his Mission President if he was assigned a machete to blaze his own trail and the Mission President said quite matter of  factly that most of the missionaries serving in the Chuuk Islands have machetes!!!  So upon learning of his new circumstances and receiving correspondence few and far between, I have placed my faith in the Lord to comfort me in knowing he has a purpose in serving in this part of the world knowing that he’s touching the hearts of those he’s serving around.  I will post his correspondence I have received thus far, and will continue to do so as I hear from him.  Please feel free to write him.  He longs for any snail mail that comes his way and would be delighted to hear from any of you.  It only takes one regular US stamp to send him a letter.  His mailing address is:   Elder Riley Johnson   /    P.O. Box 861    /     Moen, Chuuk     /     FSM   96942       He is receiving my letters about a week and a half after I write them.  He’s had quite the adventures so far!  I’m just grateful I made him watch the TV show “Survivor” for all these years!!!  Between emails and snail mail, I will post info as it comes in.  Enjoy the wild adventures of Riley’s mission . . . . . .

Susan Johnson