This is the Most Insane Place I’ve Ever Been!

(May 25, 2012)  How are you guys?  You guys are not gonna believe where I am!  This is the freakin most insane place I’ve ever been!  I’m on an island in Chuuk called Ramanom.  It’s super small, the island only has about 600 people on it.  Us and the church are the only places with solar powered electricity (on a good day).  We are the only ones with filtered rainwater (also on a good day).  I’ve seen a lot of  naked kids running around. It’s crazy here!  I’m starting to learn the language called Chuukese.  It’s crazy, they say stuff very weird.  But it’s actually coming easier than I though it would.  The work is also a bit weird here because we’re not supposed to be out past 6 o’clock because it gets pretty sketchy after those hours, and because without any electricity there’s no lights anywhere and hiking through the jungle is dangerous even with a flashlight.  So I just use the extra hours to study Chuukese.  My diet consists of spam pancakes and spaghetti.  (I’m still getting used to the spam — we boat into Moen once every couple of weeks to pick up more food cause they don’t have stores on Ramanom.)  It’s amazing here though and I love it!  All the people here are so friendly it’s ridiculous.  I’ve recruited a bunch of the little kids to teach me Chuuk.  It’s working out pretty well.  It’s easily THE most beautiful place in the world ever.  The Branch here is pretty strong.  They have about 100 members but about 40 of them are less active.  They have the coolest branch president ever though.  His name is Tarcicio and he’s soooo strong it’s crazy.

It’s insane when you’re out in a place like this to realize how much we have in the states.  People out here have a shack and MAYBE a t-shirt or two (emphasis on the maybe).  I definitely appreciate things a lot more now.  Anyway, sorry I can’t email.  Ai tong ngeni keni!  I love you guys and am thankful for all that you do!

Love, Elder Johnson


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