I’ll Answer Your Questions . . .

(June 18, 2012)  Dear Family!  What’s going on? Sorry about all the communication difficulties that I will have with you guys.  Thank you sooo much mom for your letters.  I’m so thankful for them.  They really help me out and I look forward to reading them.  So I guess the plan is that I will write you guys every week and email you if I get the chance.  Good luck with camp mom and with Tara too as she pops out another little Johnson haha.  Let me know about those two things.  I’ll try to answer all your questions from your letters:

Are you okay?    Yes

How is it going?    Good

How are you and your companion?    Honestly I’ve been a little frustrated.  He’s a great guy and I know he means well, but he doesn’t use his time wisely and it’s frustrating cause I’m completely at his mercy cause I can’t speak yet and he’s in charge.  I’m trying my hardest to get him to use his and our time more wisely but honestly he just doesn’t work as hard as I’d like.  He’s a cool guy and everything but I’m out here to get stuff done not spend forever talking to people and dillydallying everywhere.

How are the living conditions?     I think I’ve had more luxuries on camping trips (just cuz dad always buys all this fancy new gear before we go).  Our water pump has been broken this whole week so we’ve been drinking dirty unfiltered water which I actually found a worm in it earlier.  He was about and inch big.  I had to dump it out and pour a new glass and on top of that our toilet stopped working so we have to use the church’s outhouse.  So yea, the living conditions aren’t that good but it’s not a big deal — I’ve been blessed with a TON of luxuries my entire life, so I figure I can deal without them for 2 years without too much of a problem.  Plus, to the people out here the missionaries live like kings so it’s not gonna kill me it will only strengthen me.

How is the language barrier going?    It’s going really good.  I’ve come a lot farther than I thought I ever could in a month.  We do have a little extra time to study than most missionaries get though so I try to use it to learn as much as I can.  I’m still really slow when I talk and there’s quite a bit of stuff I can’t say, but it’s getting better day by day.  I still get frustrated cause it’s hard to understand the people and I’m always confused at what they’re saying but I can feel it improving.

Are you having fun yet?     Yea – more so now.  If you would have asked me a week or so ago it would have been no but the more the language comes the more fun it gets.

So you boat into Moen for necessities and food?     Yes – it’s crazy we take these little 6 man fiberglass boats and go get groceries.  They’re super bumpy and the waves can get pretty huge. You definitely get pretty wet.

How much rain do you get?     A TON!!!

Do ;you need anything?     Yes – I’m good on most everything but if you want to send some sweets like chocolate chip cookies or something that would rock!  I don’t really get any sweets out here which is depressing haha!

I love you all – Happy Birthday dad and Father day.  I hope camp goes well mom.

Love your favorite son, Elder Johnson


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