I am THE Only White Guy on the Island!

(June 10, 2012)  Whats up family??? hows it going? I hope that all is going well back in Colorado. Everything is going pretty well out here. It’s pretty crazy.  Yes, everything you hear is true – sorry about all the communication difficulty mom, I’ll try my best to write every week.  But yes,  I’m pretty much in the most ghetto area of the most ghetto zone of probably the top 5 most ghetto missions hahaha.  I legitimately am THE only white guy on the island (my companion is Tongan) so everybody looks at me pretty funny haha its pretty crazy! Honestly learning this language is pretty difficult. It’s frustrating right now because I feel like the people that try to talk to me might as well be trying to talk to a handicapped 2 year old. But that just makes me that much more determined to learn it as fast as possible. I’m working my hardest at it and making a lot of progress each week. The work is going pretty well – we hopefully, if everything goes right, have three baptisms this Saturday. We’ve got a few other investigators that hopefully will be baptised in the next month or so. It’s pretty hard for the people out here tho because they have a LOT of problems with the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. One of our investigators, Hernando, is amazing tho. He’s super strong and wants to get baptized really bad, but its causing a lot of problems with his family, and on top of that he is trying to quit smoking hopefully he will be able to do it.
Out here the biggest problem is with drunk people. When someone is drunk in Chuuk and they commit a crime, they dont blame the person, they blame the alcohol. So pretty much, being drunk gives you free reign to do anything you want. It causes a lot of problems. I’ve heard so many stories of drunks but I haven’t had any encounters with them yet thankfully. I did see a fight tho in the middle of priesthood meeting. These two girls started dukin it out it was nuts! A bunch of the Priesthood leaders had to jump in and stop it as fast as they could.
I’m so thankful for you guys and your support.  I’m so thankful for the way that you guys have raised me and the things that you have taught me. I know that this work is true and completely worth it in every way. I love this gospel so much and know that it is the only true chuch out there. I’m so thankful for that knowledge in my life and I want to share it with all of those people out there that don’t know it yet.  I’m so thankful dad, for the work ethic youve tought me by your example. You’ve worked so hard to support this family and you have done so much for us. I am trying my hardest to use what you taught me and give this work everything I’ve got. I love you all and hope that you are doing well!! Goodluck mom with Girl’s Camp, dont stress out too much. I hope everything is going well with Colby and Tara and let me know how the new baby is when he pops out haha.
See you guys! Love, Elder Johnson

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