(July 22, 2012)  Hey everybody!!! How is it going?? I hope things are well back in colorado/idaho/arizona/st.louis/utah/newyork!!  Since when are you guys going to New York??? This month must be a crazy one for you guys. Out to Utah then Washington then New York then St Louis??? That’s insane! I hope you guys have a blast on your trip. I wanna hear all about it and I wanna hear about my new nephew!!! I haven’t heard anything yet except that he was born on July 4th.
So this week has been pretty good. The reason I have an opportunity to email today is because of a little complication with some infected scabs on my feet and legs. Earlier last week I got like 10 mosquito bites and that got infected and my foot is pretty swollen from it so I had to come into Moen to get some antibiotics for it. So hopefully they should be cleared up in the next couple of days. They were lookin kinda gross through the week up until Saturday night when one of them started to blow up pretty fat and I started having trouble walking on it, then Sunday it was worse so I figured I should probably get it checked out cause it wasn’t lookin so good. But I got some medication and the swelling is starting to diminish so I think we’ll be good here by tomorrow or the next day. so yea the past couple of days have been interesting with all of that going on but I should return back to Ramanom probably tomorrow but yea so that’s kinda been whats up for the past week. We’ve got a few solid investigators that we’re trying to get baptised  but its been frustrating because all four of them are completely ready – they just have one problem or another. It always seems like there’s just one problem that stands in the way. and out here its usually smoking or drugs and if its not that – its usually that they aren’t married and if its not that – theres always something else thats in the way which is frustrating but I guess that’s just how it goes. Anyway I can’t talk too long, sorry, I love you guys so much!! You guys are the best!!! keep being awesome!!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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